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FAST Fire Protection is a team of trained and certified specialist in fire safety. We can design, supply and install fire safety equipment and systems in your home or workplace that fits your needs.

Our technicians can install a range of safety solutions such as alarms and detection systems, sprinkler and hydrant systems, emergency exit signage and more.


Servicing & Repairs

Ensuring your equipment is in top working order is vitally important to ensuring you have a safe workplace and are prepared for anything.

FAST Fire Protection's team of professional technicians can regularly service or repair your equipment to ensure that it is safe, meets national standards and is operating at its best.



The fire safety certificate is a statement that the fire safety measures in the building are capable of performing to the standard defined by the fire safety schedule or as originally designed and implemented. It is compulsory before building occupancy.

FAST Fire Protection technicians are qualified persons to carry out inspections and issue certificates of verification.

Equipment Testing

Protecting your home or business from the threat of fire is as effective as the equipment you have. It is therefore extremely important to ensure that your smoke alarms, fire extinguisher, hose reels, alarm systems and other equipment is always in top working order.

FAST Fire Protection can regularly inspect, test and maintain your fire safety equipment to ensure it, and you are as safe as possible.

Did you know?

To stop a nose bleed you should lean forward and pinch your nose!

Did you know?

Your commercial fire extinguisher should be tested every six months!

Did you know?

You should check your smoke alarms every month!